January 13th, 2010

breaking bad

Her morals go out the window

I really don't want to think or post about this type of thing, but I think it is significant for us. Five men have been cleared of raping a woman after it emerged that she had expressed sexual fantasies online.. To make it clear, it is not disputed that they had sex with her. She says she went to meet one of the men to have sex with him, and was then held against her will and forced to have sex with all of them.
Prosecutor Michael Leeming formally offered no evidence after reading excerpts of MSN chatlogs of her conversations before the alleged offence. He said: "It is right to say that there is material in the chatlogs from the complainant, who is prepared to entertain ideas of group sex with strangers, where to use her words 'her morals go out of the window'.

No doubt therefore, people would not be persecuted for shooting guns at men who express fantasies about just such a scenario. And so on.
breaking bad

Six insane fan theories

Here is a more cheerful link. Six insane fan theories that make movies better:

#6."James Bond" Is Not a Man, But a Code Name

... filled by many men. Thought that was more or less established fact. Same goes for Travis in B7.

#5. Zion Is Part Of The Matrix

Well duh. It has to be. I don't understand why that wasn't integral to the plot, and makes you think the Wachowskis didn't have a clue what they were doing.

#4. Ferris Bueller's Day Off Was All in Cameron's Head
#3. The Little Brother Dies In Radio Flyer

No idea. They make a good case though.

#2. A Shitload Of Films End In The Heroes' Heads

Examples: Minority Report, Taxi Driver and Total Recall. Brazil makes it explicit. On the whole a cheat/compromise between the author's tragic vision and the demands of Hollywood.

#1. Chewbacca and R2-D2 Are Secret Rebel Agents

Apparently this makes retroactive sense of the Star Wars prequels. Could not care less.

What else? Starship Troopers is a recruitment film of lies. Star Trek is Federation propaganda. Deckard is a replicant - that's more or less canon.

A variant of #2 : A shitload of films where the baddy is a projection of the hero's unconscious evil side. For example, Tom Cruise is Jamie Foxx's alter ego in Collateral (works right up to the last couple of minutes). Mocked mercilessly in Adaptation.