December 28th, 2009

breaking bad


Thanks to andrewducker seen on Amazon.
On Christmas Day, for the First Time Ever, Customers Purchased More Kindle Books Than Physical Books

Mind you, 'on Christmas Day', presumably Kindle books are the only ones you can get hold of right away, by downloading?

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Sherlock Holmes

I went to see Sherlock Holmes with my daughter. It was much as you would expect. No, actually, I expected it to be a big let-down and it wasn't - it was an extended version of the trailers we've all seen, and just as much fun and nonsense. Richie is surely a shallow man, with a good intuitive eye, and this film is all 'good shots', and to be honest not a whole lot else. The plot itself is pants, relying on the invocation of a hitherto unknown arsenal of special scientific chemicals which each produce the effect required to allow any given scene to happen. And that's more or less it.

Over the closing credits he gives you a bunch of moving images from the film, in stuttering black and white grainy footage, which then turn into pen and ink drawings. These are brilliant, as were the shots on which they are based. Like the last Harry Potter film, the plot is really superfluous, but the cold wet stonework and handsome fellows are brilliant.

There will inevitably be a sequel, featuring Moriarty. We heard his voice but we did not see his face. I wasn't able to recognise the voice, and no doubt there is still room for manoeuvre with the casting. But in any case the next film there will be three handsome chaps arching ridiculously at each other. Lovely.