November 12th, 2009

breaking bad

Breaking Bad

jekesta and my son both recommended the series Breaking Bad, so I watched it (in the UK it's on Five US, or Fiver or something). I've seen two episodes now and I think it's great. In general people seem to like it, but I haven't read much more about it than that. As Jekesta says
It has Malcolm's dad in it, which is usually all you need to tell people to make them watch it

Malcolm's Dad! (from Malcolm in the Middle). I love him and Malcolm's mum.

The plot is that Malcolm's dad is a chemistry teacher who secretly sets up a meth lab with a slacker who used to be his student and gets into wacky scrapes.

The two things I like best about it are that Malcolm's Dad is adorable, and also that he Wins by using Science Knowledge every week. Well, 'wins' is a bit strong: survives. Apparently the actor - I must use his real name, Bryan Cranston - won an Emmy for the role.

So, surprisingly highly recommended.