October 5th, 2009

breaking bad

Gratuitous Youtube links

Bored. Here are some things I've been watching this afternoon.

Here's a quick BBC clip on celebrities' favourite Monty Python moments. I only mention it because Ricky Gervais has the same favourite sketch as I have: Back to my place with Palin and Cleese. Out of the entire oeuvre. Go on, it's only 36 seconds long. I thought I just liked it because it's a bit sexy, but perhaps there's a bit more to it than that - something like 'punchy and elegant'.

ETA - here's another version of back to my place, from the early-seventies film that preceded Holy Grail. Palin does more 'acting' here, so it may be a bit more sexy, but a bit less pared down (still only 36 seconds). It's an interesting comparison.

Incidentally - the reason I'm video-on today is I've just been watching the speeches at the Tory Conference. What's the new idea? Job clubs - take it away, Pauline.

What else? I assume you've all seen the naughty kakapo with Stephen Fry but it's a hoot.