September 4th, 2009

breaking bad

We used to dream of living in the corridor

Corridors and SF, SF and corridors: they go together like a horse and carriage. One of those associations, like bread with butter, which one hardly examines.

Via this metafilter thread: an article in praise of the SF corridor. The design of the corridor defines the ship (or space station) and hence the whole universe in which it exists.

The corridor reached its apogee in the first Alien film: sophisticated enough that different parts of the ship have different corridors (emphasising the class division which characterises human society in the Alien films IMHO).

Other examples include
Moon (pretty!)
Event Horizon
Stalker (Tarkovsky FTW)

Actually, this would have been quite a good quiz wouldn't it?

The heading of this post is from the Four Yorkshiremen sketch of course, but the funny thing is I do dream of SF corridors.

(ETA - see comments for the corridor of the Liberator, thanks to kalypso_V and mistraltoes)