July 15th, 2009

breaking bad

Saint Swithun you've got a lot to answer for

the_magician reminds us that today is Saint Swithun's day. bum.

In England, Saint Swithun is the God of Rain, and he is invoked with the following chant:
Saint Swithun's day if thou piss down
We can expect to bloody drown
And if the weather's good for ducks
The summer will be truly f****
If any think that I am joking
They can expect a wretched soaking
But if instead we get a drought
We'll still complain of that, no doubt

wikipedia: John Earle suggests that the legend comes from a pagan or possibly prehistoric day of augury. In France, Saint Medard (8 June), Urban of Langres, and Saint Gervase and Saint Protais (19 June) are credited with an influence on the weather almost identical with that attributed to St Swithun in England. In Flanders, there is St Godelieve (6 July) and in Germany the Seven Sleepers' Day (27 June).