June 12th, 2009

breaking bad

If I can shoot rabbits then I can egg fascists

Daniel D at Crooked Timber:

Based on the fact that (the BNP) got two MEPs elected, non-white British citizens might justifiably be looking with suspicion at their white neighbours today, thinking that a significant proportion of us were secretly harbouring fascist sympathies. In fact this isn’t true; the absolute number of BNP votes was slightly down on 2004, and their electoral success was purely an artefact of overall low turnout. It’s therefore an important point to be made, to our own population and to the world’s watching media, that Nick Griffin isn’t in fact a newly popular and influential political figure; he’s a widely reviled creep who not only doesn’t lead a phalanx of jackbooted supporters, but actually can’t even set up for a TV interview without being pelted with eggs. The voice of the British populace does not shout “Hail Griffin!”, it shouts, “Oi Fatty, cop this! [splat]”. And the only efficient and credible way to demonstrate to the world that Griffin is regarded as an eggworthy disgrace, is to actually and repeatedly pelt him with eggs.

I'm not looking for a quote making the opposite case - I'm sure you know what it is - we should not lower ourselves to their level, we should allow the fascists to speak so we can refute them. I take it for granted all lj-friends are anti-racists, so this is just a question of tactics.

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breaking bad

More BNP stats

And on the BNP, Daniel links to this polling report which indicates that the BNP is not drawn from disaffected Labour voters, but from the Tory-voting minority within the working class.

If BNP supporters (have parents that vote Labour) are , male working class voters therefore, the natural conclusion that it’s Labour they are taking support from. This falls down, however, on some other questions - asked if they’d rather have Cameron or Brown as PM, BNP voters opt for Cameron by 59% to 17%. Asked to place themselves on the political spectrum they put themselves right of centre, in roughly the same place as they do the Tories. 22% of them think the Tories care about people like themselves, only 6% say the same about Labour. In short, the people the BNP seem to appeal to are actually “working class Tories” - the sort of traditional working class voters who under other circumstances might shift over to the Conservatives.

This is a great relief to me, as I thought these people were Labour supporters gone bad, very bad. This is how it has been presented in the mainstream media.

I should note that the rest of the article indicates that Labour and Tory voters are close together on many anti-BNP-type issues, such as disbelieving in racial inferiority, with BNP supporters radically different from all the mainstream parties, so I'm not saying BNP are 'typical Tories' gone bad either.