June 7th, 2009

breaking bad

A more measured criticism of Drag Me To Hell

nihilistic_kid picks Drag Me To Hell apart in a more comprehensive way here. He's obviously managing to see it more clearly than I can because he's not emotionally overloaded by the issues in the way I am.

He correctly says the film appears to be racist towards gypsies/Roma/travellers. I do think this is true. Generally when I am watching a film I'm expecting apparent racism to be exploded - for instance if all the black people in a film seem to be venal and stupid I expect the film to overthrow that in the end, revealing that something else entirely is the case. I was expecting that to happen in this film. It didn't.

nihilistic_kid also points out - and this is another area where I tend to emotionally overload quite rapidly - that the other social group which is 'punished' in this film are social climbers - that is the lower class girl is punished for wanting nice things, wanting a middle class job and a middle class boyfriend. Again, I thought this would revert itself. At first she does various ruthless things, and betrays her own principles, to try to escape the torment. At the end she refuses to do that. She refuses to hurt anyone, and she refuses to give up. I thought this would be redemptive. But no - she can do nothing to save herself. And yet the 'sin' she has committed is no worse than wanting to have the nice things that everyone else around her is born into.
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