June 6th, 2009

breaking bad

Staying in and reading

The weather is terrible today. It's freezing, blowing a storm, and pouring with rain. I've decided to stay in this weekend and try and write the chapter on databases, and do a bit of housework, for a change.

I might go to the cinema later. I was thinking of either Drag me to Hell or Terminator 4. The former gets much better reviews, but I am funny about the Christian imagery of hell and damnation, I don't like it. I'm not saying people shouldn't make stories out of it, but I don't like it usually. Terminator actually gets a good review in Empire, but the Guardian gave it a rock bottom one star.

I'm listening to 'The Little Stranger' by Sarah Waters at the moment. It's a fairly slow start, but a pleasant enough read, about a doctor from a humble background becoming friends with an aristocratic family fallen on hard times, in rural Warwickshire in the late 1940s. That sounds like the definition of tedious doesn't it? I am enjoying it though.

And I'm reading 'The Quiet War' by Paul McAuley. It's set a few hundred years in the future, and it reminds me quite a lot of the last part of Blue Mars. It's about a war between the Earth, overpopulated and recovering from environmental collapse, and a little constellation of settlements scattered among the outer planets. The vision of ecological transformation, terraforming, the relationship between technology and culture, reminds me strongly of the Martian trilogy. However the vision of politics is more pessimistic.
breaking bad

Drag Me to Hell

I went to see Drag Me to Hell. I think I was hoping it would be cathartic or releasing for me, but it left me feeling down.

I suspect this is just me, my phobic reaction making me take it too seriously. I guess many people who enjoy boisterous daft supernatural horror films would like this one. It's just I didn't like it. I thought the heroine was great, really good actress, and the scary scenes were both ridiculous and pretty scary in places. But the overall thing left me with a bad feeling. Probably this isn't a very useful review to help anyone else to judge whether they would like it.
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