June 5th, 2009

breaking bad

What a load of Laureates

The poetry event yesterday went really well. I'm certain the pub would give us the venue again, and people were asking when the next one would be. They don't even normally open that room on a weekday, and it was standing room only by 8pm. The a-capella singing was very good, and that's very accessible to the audience, but I felt the poetry went well too. You know what I feel - that people will enjoy poetry, given the chance.

I had to go on immediately following the singers - a tough slot. I read my Ted Hughes poem, as it is the only one I have written that has 'poet laureate' in it.

ETA But I've decided to show a John Betjeman poem instead (thanks happytune for the link to the words). Fred read this, and very well indeed. I always hear Betjeman with a sort of thumpy-thumpy unsubtle rhythm in my head, but Fred read it with a lovely nuance, and an impersonation of Wilde's voice where appropriate. Impressive.
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