June 1st, 2009

breaking bad

Another political tract by me

I think it would be a positive development if Gordon Brown broke with tradition and formed - unforced - an emergency cabinet which included a range of Lib-Dems, such as Vince Cable. I support the introduction of PR, and I wouldn't be sorry if the next election results in a hung Parliament, resulting in a Lib-Lab pact.

But despite this I would not vote Lib Dem, under any circumstances. The reason is that I think Nick Clegg is prepared to enter into a coalition with the Tories. Perhaps in part for historical reasons, and whatever their other faults, the Labour Party would never do this. And that's my sticking place.

Why am I so allergic to the prospect of a Tory Government? I decided that if I was going to blog about this I would have to be as honest as possible. It's easy for me to criticise people for speaking in bad faith - but it's hard to cut my own bullshit.
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