May 9th, 2009

breaking bad

Picard and the five lights

A Slate article praises the episode from Star Trek Next Generation season 6 (1992), where Picard is tortured by the Cardassians, as a relatively more accurate depiction of torture than we get in the modern media (24 being the exemplar). It depicts torture of course as futile.

(NB that article briefly mentions a scene in the new ST film - I don't know whether it's a significant spoiler, skip if you are wary).

Matt Yglesias links to the article and one of his commentators says:

I don’t think that the Star Trek - The Next Generation episode described in the article really “gets torture right” - although it’s better than most. They chicken out at the end, using a deus ex machina to save Our Hero Picard from the humiliation of capitulation. If they really wanted to get torture right, they would have finished off the episode this way:
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breaking bad

What a Load of Laureates

My poetry group are doing a free live poetry evening on the Thursday 4th June (that's Euro-election polling day). The theme is 'What a Load of Laureates' and we will be reading the works of poets laureate over the past 400 years, to celebrate Carol Ann Duffy taking over from Andrew Motion. Plus of course our own works: you knew there'd be a catch.

We will be holding it at 'The Loft' at the Earlsdon Cottage in Coventry.

BTW I just met Iain Sinclair. I was talking to him about rootedness in place, and he said he felt - gosh can I remember properly - something about that he felt the Coventry poetry scene was reclaiming the ancient roots that underlay Coventry, uncovering them again. Along those lines. I didn't say anything very sensible.