May 6th, 2009

breaking bad

The Elephant Catalogue

I will post about the Tin Angel poetry evening, probably f-locked as it's 'about real people'. I read a new poem I am quite please with called The Elephant Catalogue. It went down really well.

For the first time as I read I was heckled - in a good way - it's great to have cheerful comments called out from the audience as you read. it shows that people aren't just politely waiting for you to finish. That's how I want poetry to be - people feeling they don't have to be quiet.
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breaking bad

I couldn't see any reason why any woman would ever...

An evolutionary psychologist announces to the world that slash has been 'discovered' - by him! It's just like Columbus with America.

At first he admits it proved a conundrum.
Here's an example of something that seemed to me really bizarre. I had no explanation for it.
Luckily he quickly 'found' an explanation for it. Because that's what they do. Really, I'd like to hit you on the head with the metaphor of colonialism but I'm sure you see what I mean.
I was intensely curious about it when I discovered it because I couldn't see any reason why any woman would ever want to read or write slash... I figured that there's more in female sexuality that was dreamt of in my philosophy, and I wanted to find out what aspect of female sexuality managed to stay under my radar all those years.
Honestly, could this be any more transparent? Women's sexuality needs to be discovered and then rendered null by explaining it. I have said before that I believe Evo Psych is a means of reducing emotional/existential anxiety, particularly around sexuality and corporeality. This guy just seems to be a puppet to prove my case.

His 'explanation' of slash, by the way, is a supremely boring one. Slash is a metaphor for penis-in-vagina sex, and a celebration of monogamy, because women want monogamy and p-in-v more than anything else.

Phew. I can feel his anxiety levels coming under control as he speaks. Coming under Control ... see what I did there?

ETA link thanks to sheenaghpugh who has written a little on the subject herself in a rather different manner.