April 10th, 2009

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Lawson annoys me

Somebody is wrong in the media! Specifically Mark Lawson in the Guardian, ranting about how audio books are bad.

For most works of literature in most circumstances, a fully sighted reader who is not in a car or on foot should be reading rather than hearing... talking stories ultimately risk an infantilisation of literature: a vision of a Britain full of grown-ups having stories read to them; books that, exacerbating the babying, will often be the Harry Potter novels. Adults should read grown-up stories to themselves. The best reading - always - takes place without a sound to be heard.

Right. I am not going to type a string of expletives but this idiotic view - tellingly he can't resist mentioning Harry Potter - demeans the experience of literature almost as much as a refusal to read at all. Art is not an obligation or a test - it is a bounty, it's an enrichment of life. It's not about proving who you are to other people. It's about... oh, you know anyway, even if that idiot Lawson doesn't.

I mainly listen to novels when I am walking, but is it so bad to listen to them when I am doing housework? What's wrong with wanting to close my eyes and hear Michael Sheen read Kubla Khan? Are people who listen to Book at Bedtime on Radio 4 thus infantilised?

ooh, it's enough to make you write a strongly worded letter to the Guardian

ETA - but in fact I registered with the Guardian online thing and posted a cross comment
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Red Dwarf Tonight

I think Chris Barrie should do more audio books, and I'm going to email him to tell him so. However, at the moment I expect he is only thinking about the Red Dwarf revival (tonight on Dave at 9pm). I can't wait. God I hope they make more middle aged Red Dwarf.

Sorry about the santa icon I can't find the one without the hat.
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meme from dremiel:

When you see this, post a quote from Red Dwarf in your journal

Angels and Demons:

Evil Rimmer: 'I'm going to flog you within an inch of your life, and then I'm going to have you.'
Lister: 'Why?'
Evil Rimmer: 'Because I'm not a very nice person.'

It was hard to pick just one

Here is an interesting quote from Chris Barrie I think the interview was during the filming of the later, less successful, series:

"If a scene was written where they explored the hate for each other as they did in scenes in the first, second and third series, things like Marooned and all that sort of stuff - fantastic dialogue, but that's a different style of show. You look at Marooned now and there was nothing like it in the sixth series, it was just all visual effects. Which I'm not saying is a bad thing, but is the way the show has developed. I'd love to do lots of scenes where it's just talking. ... I think we've got power enough to do that now. We could sit in the cockpit of Starbug for half an hour and just have dialogue, and no visual effects at all. I think that would be an interesting episode of Red Dwarf, just sitting in one place - don't even move out of the cockpit or move out of the mid-section, just one place and they just sit there and talk. They don't come across any GELF zones or any planets or any white holes or black holes or whatevers, just a nice long stretch, and it would just be dialogue. But I think Rob and Doug have got the show in a state now where the visual effects are obviously important."

We know what you are saying Chris, and I'd have liked the show to go that way too.