March 11th, 2009

breaking bad

Unfunny satires

This is an excellent post on Watchmen the book, by Amanda at Pandagon, who is going to watch the film later. I think she does an excellent job of summarising why liberal criticisms of the film (eg that it's sexist) miss the point.

(such criticisms would be) completely valid when referring to a modern, straightforward superhero movie. Should Catwoman be unable to defend herself in the next Batman movie or should Batman start railing against evil liberals, I’m going to get angry. But the point of “The Watchmen” is that it’s about juxtaposing the myth of the superhero with certain ugly realities, and the conclusions reached---especially about how the profession would attract mostly sociopaths and self-promoters, how women’s success would be related to their sex appeal over their skills, how sexism and homophobia would still touch you even if you were a masked vigilante---strike me as entirely realistic.

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