January 27th, 2009

breaking bad


The article I just blogged about made me consider John Crowley. I was thinking of taking the audio of his novel Aegypt with me to listen to on the plane. Anyone read it? Do you think I'd like it? I'd have preferred to start with Little, Big but they don't have it on audio.

The other audio I'm going to take is the dramatisation of Dirk Gently, starring Harry Enfield. Not sure what books to take though.
breaking bad

"Now this looks like a job for me"

Yes, I will knuckle down to my work in a few moments, but I feel like cluttering your f-list with stuff first. Benny Hill/ Eminem / Doctor Who. A video mash-up. Emphasises the ridiculous campy and scary side of DW (on account of the ridiculous campy and scary vibe of Benny Hill and Eminem). Looks like it was thrown together, is actually cleverly done IMHO.

See the video here.

from Metafilter.