January 13th, 2009

breaking bad

"Relax Hardin, these are the good Cajuns"

I'm still obsessing about Southern Comfort. I've been reading a lot of reviews, and I think most reviewers don't really get all the things that are going on, which make it a deceptively complex film. I think everyone has a particular perspective, and they read it through that (for instance, a male bonding film, a war film, a political allegory, a film about violence).

The only extended clip I can find from Southern Comfort on Youtube is this one. It's been posted by someone who is keen on the music (that's another perspective) so it really doesn't cut in and out where I would have done.

Anyway, this is my analysis of what is going on in this particular clip. If you want you can judge whether I'm seeing too much. It was the cross-watching against Aliens that really opened the scene up for me.

WARNING - the clip includes graphic scenes of an animal being slaughtered, for real. It's 7 minutes long.
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Sorry I keep posting about this - I expect you get this fascination sometimes with a book or a film or something, and I tend to externalise it when it happens to me. It helps me to formulate what I really think.