January 12th, 2009

breaking bad

People in cinemas

I generally don't find audiences in cinemas that much of a problem. I like watching with a big group of people, getting caught up in the emotional reaction. The best cinema audience I ever sat in was in Toronto, funnily enough, watching 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' at some art house cinema - it was hilarious, everyone was oooh-ing and squealing.

But sometimes the audience get on my bloody wick. Watching Defiance it was obvious that some people were just using the film as an excuse to chow down for two and a half hours. Who needs to eat continuously for hours on end? Who sits in the dark, stuffing food into their gawping mouths, with their eyes on people shooting each other? What food do you have to unwrap from crackly paper - every thirty seconds? It can't have been boiled sweets because you wouldn't need another one right away.

Yes, you can see that the constant rustling and chewing set off an irritable reaction in me, which I may be exaggerating for comic effect. It didn't spoil the film though.
breaking bad

This doesn't mean we're engaged or anything

I compared Southern Comfort to Alien, as an iconic film. There is an even closer thematic link to Aliens; two of the three writers of Southern Comfort worked on the script for Aliens (Walter Hill and David Giler). Many of the themes in Southern Comfort are strongly reprised in Aliens, both films are described as metaphors for American involvement in Vietnam, and both are more widely applicable as commentary on the familiar real life experience of high-tech western invaders being taken apart by committed locals.

I rewatched both films this weekend, and I've been running in my mind a fan video you could make cutting between similar scenes in the two films, to the tune of 'History Repeating' by the Propellerheads. Very similar picture composition. I think to make it perfect you'd also put some Deadwood in there (also co-scripted by Walter Hill, and with the same actors).

Anyway. Southern Comfort is a real bee in my bonnet, and I'm not sure if anyone else is interested, but I have to work these ideas out a bit in a post.
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