December 29th, 2008

breaking bad


Well, everyone has gone home now. On the busiest day (Saturday) I fed 18 people (counting myself) with turkey casserole (I know, but it was pretty nice) a pan of bubble and squeak (sprout version) and a great big ham. And cake and cheese and pudding and so on.

My son was well enough to sit up on Christmas day, and by Saturday he was well enough to organise a seasonal game of Rock Band which seemed to be ongoing for most of the next couple of days: 'The Indians send signals from the rocks above the pass' etc.

We didn't watch much telly but last night after everyone had gone I watched Affinity, an ITV adaptation of a Sarah Waters novel. It's a Victorian chiller, with many scenes set in Millbank prison. A prison visitor forms an emotional and sexual affinity to a young woman imprisoned for spiritualism. It was an Andrew Davies script so it wasn't exactly subtle, but I thought it was moving.
breaking bad

Book stats

I kept a record this year of everything I read. It was interesting, but I'm not sure if it was worth the bother. What I recorded: Date begun, whether fiction, author, date completed, whether audio, gender of author. I left out books I didn't read through from front to back, so I left out most of the poetry books I read.

I read 86 books, and I finished 71% of them. 76% were by men. 31% were audio. 29% were non-fiction. I didn't record whether the book was new to me, or the genre. If I do it again I'll record those.

I read about one SF book a month.
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