December 19th, 2008

breaking bad


We've had some irritable discussions about quantum mechanics over the years (hard to believe I know). I thought some of you opinionated types might like to contribute to this discussion:

coalescent writes:

Earlier this week, I posted at torque_control about a short story, "Divining Light" by Ted Kosmatka, which is about the implications of a particular quantum-mechanical experiment.... we all have quite different interpretations. So I just made another post:

I’m going away for a couple of days, and won’t be back online until Sunday evening, so I thought I might invite you all to do some homework: go and read the story,and then post a comment here about what you think happens at the end. (And about any other aspects of the story that grab your interest.) When I get back, I’ll post what I think it means, and why (even if nobody else has done so).

I haven't read the story but I'll do so this weekend. The links above will take you to the original post and the short story.
breaking bad

Twilight in good review shock

Did you see that Twilight got four stars in the Guardian today? Peter Bradshaw often shows good taste but I think he often misjudges genre films - he wants to give them fair criticism and credit, but he doesn't have an instinct for it. For instance he rubbished 'Fellowship of the Ring' and then gave 'The Two Towers' lots of stars in compensation, whereas the balance of quality was (IMHO) in the opposite direction.
breaking bad

Milgram lives

The bloody idiots

People 'still willing to torture'

Decades after a notorious experiment, scientists have found test subjects are still willing to inflict pain on others - if told to by an authority figure.

I call the test subjects 'idiots' at least partly because - hello? Most famous psychological experiment ever? Didn't it ever occur to them 'Oh yeah, this is the one where they try to trick you into electrocuting people'.

Anyway, to me this isn't about the inherent cruelty of humans, but about their social malleability and weakness.

Thanks (if that is the right word - given how unsettling it is) to andrewducker for the link.