December 8th, 2008

breaking bad

Programmes tonight

Last Monday I watched the fab documentary series Catastrophe on Channel 4, the episode was about Snowball Earth, narrated by Tony Robinson. I haven't read up much on the Snowball Earth theory, because I have always been a bit sceptical, but I must say the programme gave a quick and cheery intro to the subject, and made me think it might be better founded than I had thought. It gave an excellent feel of the scale and thrill of evolutionary time, linking the 25 million year snowball 'blip' to the kick starting of multicellular life after two billion years of Planet Slime.

Tonight the documentary is about the Permian Extinction, which I have read up on a bit, because I think it's really interesting. But, I'm torn because at the same time it's the last episode of Spooks, which hasn't been available to preview on BBC3, and I don't think I should miss it.

Meanwhile at exactly the same time, Taggart is on ITV. Three at once. Then there'll probably be nothing else I want to watch all week.