October 28th, 2008

breaking bad

Flu and buttermilk

Oh boy, I have been really poorly. I might still be, but I feel clear headed right now so I'm posting. I think it's flu. I had a high temperature off and on, and headache and so on, and I was asleep a lot of the time, having nightmares like editing an endless series of HTML :-( I haven't eaten anything since Saturday. Yesterday all I had all day was a chicken stock cube in a cup of hot water. Also this morning my bed is soaking wet, and I've got to strip it and air everything I suppose. However, I think I might be getting better, so quite a short bout of flu with any luck.

It seems strange to say, but in the times I was feeling OK I picked up The Yiddish Policeman's Union, and I'm enjoying it more this time. I think in September my attention was being pulled a hundred different ways, and at least now I've got five minutes' peace. Anyway, the reason for saying that is that in an early chapter the detective visits his partner's family and they give him buttermilk, and I was suddenly 'mmmm... buttermilk'. So I packed H off to late night shop and he got some buttermilk and soft fruit and I made smoothies. Last night I had buttermilk with blueberry and banana (not all that nice because the banana wasn't ripe enough) and blueberry and blackberry which was much nicer. So I'll live on those until I can eat solid food.