October 10th, 2008

breaking bad

Poetry Night

The poetry night went well. It was a small venue, but it was packed. I was on twice, the first time performing Larkin, and the second time reading my own poems. Quite a few friends came, including happytune and my sister from Chesterfield.

Of my own poems I did Lunt Fort and Lorem Ipsum. Both went down very well I thought.

Of Larkin I did Arundel Tomb and Far Out. I introduced the latter saying 'This is a short poem about Outer Space, a subject which is very dear to me'

Far Out

Beyond the dark cartoons
Are darker spaces where
Small cloudy nests of stars
Seem to float on air.

These have no proper names:
Men out alone at night
Never look up at them
For guidance or delight,

For such evasive dust
Can make so little clear:
Much less is known than not,
More far than near.