September 23rd, 2008

breaking bad

The Imagined Village

Isn't it funny how things come together? The other day altariel recommended a CD to me called The Imagined Village. I said it sounded interesting. This morning when I got to work the CD was on my desk: 'Communicator I thought you might like to borrow this' - from one of our Directors. Pretty quick turn-around.
breaking bad

Place of Execution

A very classy murder mystery last night Place of Execution is by Val McDermid who also wrote Wire in the Blood, and is made by Robson Green's production company.

It stars Juliet Stephenson and Lee Ingleby as investigators of the same crime in 2008 and 1963 respectively, and Greg Wise as the suspect. I thought it was emotionally well judged - more controlled and balanced than Wire in the Blood - and the performances and production were very good. Recommended.