September 18th, 2008

breaking bad

Hamlet Review

As you can tell from my raving yesterday I had a brilliant time at Hamlet last night. I sort of worship Hamlet in any case, in any production.

Tennant was, as you would expect, very physical and lively. He gave the impression that he and Horatio were miles more intelligent than everyone else, but at the same time he did a lot of that hopping on one leg waving his foot about and holding himself over the grave with one arm and so on. I have no problem with that sort of thing, and he externalised a lot of what was going on inside which I like anyway. It was all very clear, very obvious, and this ties in a bit with what I was taking about yesterday about emphasising the meaning. I suppose this makes it a performance suitable for a young audience, coming to the play for the first time. But I don't think that takes anything away from a person who has been watching it for years.

I like Hamlet to be shared and experienced communally, and this performance brought it right up to people as a ritual in which we all participated, because it was transparent and obvious. I want everyone in the theatre to get it, because it is so important and good. It's like Look - look at this.
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