August 28th, 2008

breaking bad

My Zinc Bed

My Zinc Bed is a play by David Hare which was adapted for TV, on BBC2 last night. It starred Paddy Considine, Jonathan Pryce and Uma Thurman. I generally hate these bloody things. And this was no exception.

No - it had some good ideas. When Jonathan Pryce was expounding on capitalism I thought it was shrewd enough. But the dialogue was stilted and unbelievable as human speech. And why does every single play by a 'serious' playwright on British telly have to be about a sinister hyper-rich entrepreneur, his victim/wife, and their exploitative mutual relationship with some damaged creative weakling, who is blatantly a Mary-Sue of the playwright.

TV Scoop: "When it suits me, I can really enjoy pretentious rubbish, however, this tripe was expensive offal tarted up and so unbearably needy that it felt like three monologues rather than the interplay of three characters immersing themselves in each other."

Guardian: "The heightened language of My Zinc Bed - unashamedly writerly writing - felt like an affectation and distraction.. the whole thing felt rushed, sterile and disconnected. People ran from intellectual arguments to fibrillating passion and despair as if they were competing for gold in the emotional Olympics. With no time to breathe, empathise or sympathise with the dysfunctional trio, we were left only with a long hour in the company of three maddeningly needy people whose problems were of interest only to them."

And I bloody hate dialogue like this

'I sometimes wonder why...'
'Why what?'
'Why... it's important.'
'Is it important?'
'Is what important?'

Get a bloody grip you insufferable wankers.