June 28th, 2008

breaking bad

Far beyond the pale horizon

This week I have mostly been listening to Virginia Plain by Roxy Music. if you don't know it, or it's a long time since you heard it, it's well worth a listen. So much in there, in a way that is hard to define. Awesome.

The first link above is to the classic Top of the Pops performance of the song. Here are two spoofs of that exact sequence:

From Vic and Bob. Puerile, kind of ugly, and yet funny. Brian Eno is played by Johnny Vegas (duh - thanks ninebelow).

From Big Train. Grown up, complex. I've come back and edited this, because at first I wrote 'not funny'; now I think it is, but it continues past being a straightforward joke. Brian Eno is played by Mark Heep, looking thin and fabulous (he only appears for a second, a couple of times). Also check out Simon Pegg on guitar. Wow.
breaking bad

Readers' Rights

lamentables quotes the Readers' Bill of Rights by Daniel Pennac:

1) The right not to read
2) The right to skip pages
3) The right not to finish
4) The right to reread
5) The right to read anything
6) The right to escapism
7) The right to read anywhere
8) The right to browse
9) The right to read out loud
10) The right not to defend your tastes

I do all of those. What about you?
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