June 14th, 2008

breaking bad


Here's a livejournal post with clips of Obama, Hillary, GWB and McCain showing off their dance skills. It's very interesting. Obama is shown dancing with Ellen DeGeneres, which is pretty cool anyway, and his dancing is elegant and relaxed. Really first class. Hillary is way uptight but quite endearingly vulnerable. GWB might be - I hate to say it - actually not that bad as a dancer underneath, but this is spoiled by his 'showing off to the other frat boys' demeanour, which makes him act goofy. He also barges up to an African drummer and starts hitting his drum without being asked. The clip of McCain may be an unfair indicator: it's very short but he's crap.

I apologise for using the first name of the woman, and the surnames of the men, but I wanted to distinguish her from Bill Clinton.

Incidentally I saw Obama's birth certificate online and he is exactly four days older than me. Princess Di was born about a week before that.
breaking bad


This was an excellent episode. Every long running show has to have an episode where the characters are cooped up together and end up revealing things about themselves. It's called the 'Elevator episode' or something. An Elevator Episode must rely on a good script, good acting, and minimum effects. I always like them, they are a real favourite, and I thought this was an excellent example.
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