June 7th, 2008

breaking bad

Tonight: Forest of the Dead

The last time I read a Guardian preview so glowing it presaged the Master/Doctor phone call. This is what they say today:

Had Philip K Dick ever volunteered a Doctor Who storyline, the results would probably have looked a lot like this. If anything, this crazily brilliant concluding chapter is even greater than its predecessor: two Blinks for the price of one. So all power to Stephen Moffat who ... [rest of review seems a bit spoilery]

There have been one or two Doctor Who experiences over the past few years which were extremely vivid: watching Blink in a room full of screaming children at gfk88's house on a hot summer evening. Watching the Doctor and Master grappling with each other at coalescent's with a distinctly more sceptical audience. I'm gearing up for another memorable viewing experience.
breaking bad

Forest of the Dead

Actually it is quite hard to write about a good episode, in a rapid response (as ajr said). You can say 'I liked the bit where...' or you make carping remarks about the minor aspects that you can think of criticisms for. Neither very satisfactory. It was a little gentler and less frightening than I was wanting, but this is a kids' show after all. 'Not as horrible as something I just thought of', to quote Life of Brian, but nice to see Children's TV tackling Angst and the meaninglessness of existence.
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