May 21st, 2008

breaking bad

Li Po

watervole wrote recently about a book of Chinese poems that she was reading. Here is an online library of several Tang poets. I am a massive fan. One of my favourites is Li Po (aka Li Bai, Li TaiBai etc.) Here is the page with links to several of his poems.

Waiting for Dai Tianshan


Dog bark water sound in
Peach blossom bring rain thick
Tree deep occasionally see deer
Stream noon not hear bell
Wild bamboo divide green mist
Fly spring hang green peak
Lack person know place go
Sad lean two three pines


A dog's bark amid the water's sound,
Rain thickens the peach blossom
Deep in the trees, I sometimes see a deer,
And at the stream I hear no noonday bell.
Wild bamboo divides the green mist,
A flying spring hangs from the green peak.
No man knows the place to which he's gone,
Sadly, I lean on two or three pines.

I so love these poems.
breaking bad


Just went with my daughter to see Persepolis. It's a really good film, that I think virtually anyone would like. It's a fairly stylised film, very simplified monochrome animation, with subtitles, set in revolutionary Iran. It sounds bloody grim doesn't it?

But really, it's rapid, witty, moving, interesting: all the good stuff. I probably wouldn't have gone to see it except happytune told me how much she had enjoyed it, and my daughter kept pestering me to take her. The main character and her grandma are tough likeable chicks, the stylised animation makes the story accessible, and it makes you laugh quite a lot.