May 3rd, 2008

breaking bad

The second time as farce

I keep noticing I'm feeling miserable and when I look inside to find out why I realise it's because of Boris Johnson in particular and the death (for how many years?) of the Labour Dream. It's amazing reading the comments from Boris supporters on the Guardian blog, disparaging people who went to 'Redbrick' Universities, and even people who went to Oxbridge but weren't as rich as Boris ('You couldn't get in with the rich kids. Still hurts doesn't it?' or something like that)*. That leaves much less than 1% of the population, and (addressing almost everyone who voted for him) you aren't in that <1%, and nothing you do will ever get you into it.

Some people are saying that he will perform a useful function, demonstrating Tory destructiveness to people who have forgotten what it is like to be ruled by the far right. I hope so. Thatcher was elected just in time to benefit from the North Sea oil money coming into the system. There will be no such fortuitous natural bonanza to cushion the impact of Boris. This may make his failure quicker and starker.

*Annoyingly I can't find that link now
breaking bad

Off for the long weekend

I am just off to the Peak District for the long weekend. Hope the weather is OK.

I've been accepted as a volunteer (actually a trainee volunteer) to man a phone line for the Anxiety Alliance* who give support to people suffering from panic attacks and anti-depressant withdrawal and the like. This would just be for four hours a week. Quite intensive training and then a long probation period, so plenty of time for me to make a mess of it.

*ETA Awful website isn't it? I see they say their helpline is only open 10am-4pm, but they have asked me if I can work evenings, so I wonder if they are trying to expand their coverage.