April 25th, 2008


A short and poignant story

This blog Anggarrgoon is from a person who is studying a native Australian language called Bardi. It's a very short story she has translated.

" I think one of the stories I did this morning is my favourite in the whole collection. It’s an image that’s stayed with me from the initial reading of these stories in 2003:

Two guys meet by chance across a chasm. One of the guys shouts a question in Oowini across the gap. The other doesn’t answer, because he doesn’t speak that language. He yells back something in a different language, which the Oowini guy doesn’t know.

Then they both turn into stone.

I’m told that’d the fate of not being able to communicate in such circumstances."

Apparently the rocks are still to be seen to this day at Curtin airforce base.
smiling, vila

Bring it on

I haven't seen so much Blakes 7 in the news for years. Guardian Montage. Guardian article. Guardian blog. Well, OK, that's one newspaper. But plenty of it.

I think most B7 fans fear that the remake (if it appears) will miss all the things we loved about the show. Speaking personally what I loved was the sex and violence. Like with Life on Mars there was an undercurrent of dialogue going on with the viewers below the overt content. I felt it was pushing towards something always unstated, something about death and power. I can't believe any of this will be retained in the new series. But if it is - I will applaud it.
breaking bad

Ruining Avon

dalmeny is right that the crucial question when contemplating a re-make of B7 is who would the actors be? I've got some decided preferences. But here's a Blakes 7 question prompted by a follow-up comment by iainjcoleman: "Avon is more or less actor-proof". I guess that we've seen the biggest old ham in the business make a terrific glorious mess of the part, and we love it.

But is there anyone who would actually ruin the role, or is Avon such a wonderful character that any actor could make the part worth watching. Anyone? Mackenzie Crook? David Jason? Orlando Bloom? No, in a way I could see any of them in the role at a pinch.

What do you think?