April 3rd, 2008

breaking bad

Carry On Questing

Here is the next bit of Gawain that I tried to translate - it's the bedroom encounter between Gawain and the Lady Bertolak. I think it's pretty hot, and funny too.

I know that any translator imposes something of their own ideas, but to be honest I think this is how it was intended. In my opinion Gawain is not a sedate allegory - modern translators are perforce conservative and thoughtful, but the original readers were hot blooded men and women, and this was written to amuse and entertain them. It's supposed to be sexy, and IMHO the double entendres are all quite intentional.

It makes me laugh the way Gawain is all 'oo-er, missus, what's a boy to do?'

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breaking bad

In praise of Petula

This afternoon I've been listening to Petula Clark on my iPod and then I looked her up on YouTube. Great, second only to Dusty in my estimation.

I think the big question for me is: what is the real deal with Downtown?

Maybe you know some little places to go... downtown
And you may find somebody kind to help and understand you;
Someone who is just like you and needs a gentle hand to
Guide them along...
So maybe I'll see you there,
We can forget all our troubles; forget all our cares, and go
Downtown -- things will be great when you're
Downtown -- don't wait a minute more
Downtown -- everything's waiting for you...

I heard someone on the radio say it was an overt celebration of female sexual empowerment. Assume no more details required. I must say that idea never occurred to me, but then once you've heard it, it seems quite a compelling interpretation when you listen to the joyful song. Is this something everyone already knew except me?

But the way she powers it out... Here she is aged seventy five (!) doing it full on still. The backing singers are gorgeous too.