March 30th, 2008

breaking bad

As one who on a lonesome road...

Just off to hypnotherapy via the M6. Wanted to say, I think the state of mind of a person who is driving is extremely peculiar. I think it's a sort of hypnotic dissociated trance state. It's just that it is so common we don't notice how odd it is. Learning to drive is learning to get into this trance.

Read through accounts of sightings of strange beasts, ghosts, UFOs. If you took out all the ones which began 'I was driving late at night when...' there'd be few left.. Then if you took out all the ones which began 'I woke up in the middle of the night and...' the list would be greatly depleted.

IOW - I'm not even being sceptical. The mind goes into a strange state, who knows what that means. Perhaps it opens the doors of perception. Perhaps it weakens the membrane between conscious and subconscious. Just driving.