March 20th, 2008

breaking bad

Are you a psychopath?

Article including a personality test to assess whether you are a psychopath.
Spanning all cultures and eras, roughly one man in every 100 is born a clinical psychopath, as well as one woman in every 300. They are so common that every person reading this sentence almost certainly knows one personally; indeed, a significant number of readers are likely psychopaths themselves.

It's not a subtle test; it just gives you a bunch of traits and you say whether you have them or not.
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Do you feel 'psychopath' is a meaningful term? Do you know a person who might be a psychopath?

There are two groups of people I have known in my life whom I might put in that category. One is the highly successful businessman/corporate type, who seems indifferent to human feeling. Of course most successful people are not that type. The other group are drop outs - again only a small subset of these - people who seem to be incapable of engaging with others, and never finish anything, never repay their debts, you know the type. I think heavy duty drug addiction can mimic psychopathy too.

ETA - Black Man by Richard Morgan could be read as a description of a psychopathic subspecies of humanity. I am not sure that the finished story is as straight forward as that, but quite likely it was what he set out to write.