February 15th, 2008

breaking bad

Ashes to ashes

Ashes to Ashes last night was very reminiscent of The Long Good Friday.Collapse ) They may have used up all the LGF references now. ajr says it reminds him of Moonlighting. I wouldn't be surpised, though I never watched it. The producer also says it references Miami Vice, so I suppose it does.

However, the upshot of all this dense reference doesn't really work for me. Last week I was quite optimistic but somehow it hasn't quite got there. For one thing, I lived in London at that time, and it doesn't ring true. Her clothes aren't right, nobody dressed like that, certainly not to work. The grey jersey dress - yes, but not with that stupid plastic belt. The whole thing seems a bit shallow and febrile. I don't quite like Alex either: like the clothes she seems a bit flashy and empty. I quite like her being drunker than Gene a lot of the time, but where is that going? I felt the characterisation (of everyone) was just slapped on. I really disliked Gene hurting the Anti-Nazi guy.

Anyway, upshot it's not quite working for me. It's as if there is nothing behind the shallow facade, whereas I thought the whole point was that things were so deep that it convinces the time-displaced person that he/she can't be making it all up.