February 12th, 2008

breaking bad

This and that

Sorry that I have more or less abdicated from livejournal this week. I'm still very tired and work is busy. One thing I'm doing at the moment is reviewing this Cabinet Office future-trends analysis (you can download the report as a PDF there). The presentation of the report does it no favours - 180 pages which appear to be 180 Powerpoint slides in comic sans (!). If you get past this flaw the content isn't bad, and quite comprehensive IMHO.

One of my home computers went a bit stupid so I stripped it down and had some new memory installed. However since then it won't seem to 'stick' to livejournal and keeps logging me out, resulting in rogue anonymous comments. But please note that if an anonymous comment is from me I will always say so in an appended comment. I never leave anonymous comments 'unclaimed' as it were.

Now what can I talk about that's nice and restful? I know, religious controversy :-)
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breaking bad

Audio books

Somebody senior just 'borrowed' my hard copy of that report, so I have a break while I reprint it *sips tea*.

The available range at audible.co.uk has suddenly shot up to match the American site, perhaps because the whole thing has been bought up by amazon?

If you subscribe you get one free book credit a month, regardless of the price of the book. I have recently downloaded Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell which ought to have cost nearly fifty quid, so it's a good bargain. It's thirty two hours long. Now all I need to do is find thirty two hours to listen to it (I've managed about three so far). But it's a great book to listen to while walking in the countryside. It really hit its stride about 25 minutes in where they are describing the magical library at Hurtfew Abbey. Actually the fine hairs on my arms are tingling right now just typing about it. He does the different voices with some brio too.

ETA - I am increasingly convinced this is a marvellous book, 'destined to be a classic' for sure.

Because I had bought a very big book with my January credit, I bought a little one with my Feb credit - a one-hour selection of Yeats poetry. Mostly the mainstream stuff like 'Down by the Salley Gardens' and 'The Lake Isle of Inisfree' but it's very good nevertheless. Wasn't available before the amazon buy-out.

I pick some books for the quality of the reading. I recently listened to ' Classical Religions and Myths of the Mediterranean Basin' read by Ben Kingsley. It was all familiar stuff, but very enjoyable, to hear about Marduk and Adonis and Ishtar in mellifluous tones. I've also made a start on 'Ghost Stories of MR James' read by Derek Jacobi. Really excellent stuff, as you might imagine.