February 4th, 2008

breaking bad

You'll Pay for This

I have been thinking a lot about No Country for Old Men, and I've come to some sort of conclusion. Not sure if this is of interest to anyone else but I need to get it down.

So, if two descriptions are equivalent then they have the same referent. If absolutely everything you can say about Aunt Edna is also true of Mrs Johnson, then Aunt Edna is Mrs Johnson. The same holds true of states: if two states are utterly indistinguishable in every way, then they are the same state. This is the reason for the Schroedinger's Cat paradox. Until we open the box the states of the universe in which the cat is dead, and in which it is alive, are equivalent in every respect: thus the cat (from our perspective) is neither alive nor dead. Once we open the box we collapse the wave, and it settles into one state. No cats were hurt in the construction of this metaphor

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