January 31st, 2008

breaking bad

You make me feel all right

Here are some Second Doctor Videos I have been enjoying today. He was the Doctor Who from when I was a little girl, and he has the archetypal power as far as I am concerned.

Fade to Grey is a slow and rather trippy video of clips from Tomb of the Cybermen. Watching this gave me a feeling like when I went walking around my old neighbourhood. I wonder if it has that dreamy quality to anyone else? There's a short scene in one of the Mary Renault books about ancient Greece where an actor is admiring an archaic mask of Apollo, and says we have lost touch with that crude power.

A hard day's night is more of a funny overview, but makes Patrick Troughton seem very adorable. Oh, here's another funny one Urban Spaceman

And here are a couple of Doctor/Jamie videos. There isn't that much footage extant so they are a little bit repetitive. All about us and That's the way I like it. Frankly, if you were cooped up with Jamie and Victoria, (or Jamie and Zoe) you would wouldn't you?

sorry there are so many I got over-excited