January 30th, 2008

breaking bad


I think you'll like this: a photographer translates the crayon drawings of little children into real life tableaux. I particularly liked three brothers riding the rainbow wave, but they are all adorable.

ETA - oh, and the magician turned the whale into a flower.

Grey fox

An interesting post on Pandagon about dyeing your hair in middle age. As she points out, this has now almost become mandatory for middle aged women - like removing leg/armpit hair it is now considered extremist not to do it.

In 1950 only 7% of American women artificially colored their hair while today Clairol estimates that at least 65% of women in America dye.

She correctly (I think) identifies two motives: to be more attractive and to retain credibility at work. On the former I don't think it's so much that one wants to positively attract, it's that one doesn't want to be seen as too awful and horrible. Isn't that sad?

It also seems very sad to me that grey hair in a woman is seen as diminishing her credibility - I personally know I am much more effective and wily than I was twenty years ago and my employer gets a better return for what I'm paid, but most men and women find their employment prospects shrinking as they grow older. For women the pressures to stay looking young are stronger, but I do know men agonise about thinning hair, even if being grey isn't quite as 'bad'.
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breaking bad

Read this month

I decided to try to record everything I read this year, using Google docs (I think recommended by talvalin). I don't get to read as much as I'd like but here is what I have read in January. I am including listening to a book on audio.
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