January 25th, 2008

breaking bad

The biological proof that liberals have a warped morality (!)

Spot the bias in this NYT report on the supposedly universal principles of morality.

In a large Web survey, Haidt found that liberals put a lopsided moral weight on harm and fairness while playing down group loyalty, authority and purity. Conservatives instead place a moderately high weight on all five.

Those damn liberals, caring about fairness and whether people are harmed, more than they care about purity, group membership and obedience to authority. Or could it be that we've got the right idea?

Here is a bit more on the subject (quote from NYT)
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Oscarology is a brilliant and timely idea: instead of predicting your personality from your month or year of birth you find out what you are like from what won the Oscar.

This means I am West Side Story. You may scoff, but what about this - spookily accurate I think you will agree.
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Just as astrology can be given an extra level of nuance by considering rising signs, position of the moon etc, you can learn more about yourself by considering the films that should have won that year (indicating the shadow self) and the best actor/actress (animus/anima) and so on. It's so obvious.

Review Oscars by year here. Note she uses the year the film was made, not the year it got the Oscar (just if you want to play).