January 16th, 2008

breaking bad

Launch Tiredness test

Here's an interesting online psychology test from the Wellcome Trust: Wide Awake or Half Asleep? (aka how alert are you). It's a reaction time test of 'psychomotor vigilance'.

'On average 220 milliseconds would be a good reaction time. People who are very tired average 300 milliseconds.'

My average reaction time was 261 'You seem pretty alert'. Not bad as it is after 5pm and time to go home.

ETA - I will try it again when I get into work in the morning.

ETA - did it again at home, more relaxed, got 217. I did an interesting psychological experiment on H. Got him to try it, saying 'at work I got an average of 260' he's getting about 230. Then I said 'But at home my best score was 195'. He immediately, the next go, got 190-something. We have a certain competitive edge thing going I think.