January 14th, 2008

breaking bad

Blue remembered hills

I have been on my course this weekend. We were working on methods of therapy for children, and it plunged me into thinking about my past, particularly the years that I lived in Sutton Coldfield (5-10 years old). The course finished just after 4pm. I was only a few miles from Sutton, so on an impulse I drove there, and looked for my old house. I found the road, and parked the car. It was just getting dark, but I got out and walked up the street. It's 36 years since I was there last.

I walked past the house, down the road to the shops, to my old school, retraced the path I used to come back from school to my house.

It was a trip.

I think memory is laid down very intensely when you are young, so the memories were almost stronger than the sensory experience of being in the here-and-now. It was almost like - am I an adult woman, remembering being a child, or am I the child I was, walking in the body of adult woman? Seriously, I felt almost as if I was floating above my body.