January 1st, 2008

breaking bad

Privilege checklist

A meme from badgerbag and egretplume. Unfortunately it doesn't have a sort of final score or interpretation, but it makes you think about privileges. It's geared around American lifestyles though. I have amended this meme, to show the difference between how I grow up, and how my children live now. I think it's interesting to see what social mobility looks like.
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breaking bad

What January is going to be like

I am up early, darn my body clock, and everyone else is still fast asleep. We went to our neighbours' for New Year which was great fun - my neighbour comes from a huge Irish family, all present, all amiable and friendly. Lovely way to bring in the year.

Today, and this month in general, brings some small challenges. We are getting a new kitchen, starting tomorrow. Ulp. This means we've got to completely clear everything out (actually, I did most of that this weekend). For a month no washing machine, hardly any cooking facilities. At the same time we are getting a new boiler and radiators, so for some of this month no hot water or heating. Do not want.

A big corner of our kitchen is used up by the walls of an outside toilet (the door to get into it is out in our side-alley, and we never use it). So the builders are going to knock this through, remove the old toilet, and incorporate the space into a our new larger kitchen. This is going to make a lot of noise and mess while they do it. They'll have to put in one of those load-bearing joists.

I'm seriously worried that our cats might run away. What do you think? We can't refuse to have the work done, just for worry about the cats. They are pretty well established with us (two years) but they came to us quite old, and they are a bit neurotic. I just hope they cope OK.