December 23rd, 2007

breaking bad

The Magic Flute

I went to see the film of The Magic Flute last night. I've never seen an opera before, so I thought it would be interesting; plus - directed by Kenneth Branagh, and screenplay by Stephen Fry.

The story is transferred to a sort of fantasy WW-1 trench battlefield. I think this works pretty well, as it means that when the hero Tamino has to undergo heroic trials he does it on a battlefield, which gives it some excitement. The visuals are pretty spectacular, and the music is fun.

My problem was that I thought the plot made no sense at all, to the extent that it completely ruined the experience for me. I don't mean because it was fantasy. For instance, Tamino has to endure the test of not speaking to his beloved Pamina even though that makes her think he doesn't love her. Why he has to do this and how it helps the cause of good and peace is unspecified, but that's OK in a fairy tale.
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