December 18th, 2007

breaking bad

The Wire and TV drama

Matthew Yglesias proposes that The Wire is the best show in the history of television. He's perhaps going a bit far there, but I think you could make an arguable case that's it's the best serial drama on television, and a strong case that's it's the best cop show ever made. However, I think it is a little challenging to get into: you have to watch two or three episodes before it clicks, and you can't easily pick it up somewhere in the middle. It takes a bit of faith, which is part of the reason I bang on about it. The Wire is a great show in that it fulfils and crowns a well-worked genre, while most of the other shows I'd pick as 'great' (like the original Star Trek, Monty Python, Doctor Who and The Simpsons) are great because they broke through genres, they set the bounds of genres.

Here is a comment from the Yglesias thread (edited a bit) which suggests that The Wire challenges the parameters of normal television drama:
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