December 17th, 2007

breaking bad

society is to blame officer

I ran a red light today. What can I say? It was a bit stupid. I look in my rear mirror and there are some flashing blue lights. oops. It was a police car. I pulled over.

I got out of my car, I just said 'yes, I did it.' They made me get into the back of the police car. I just sat very quiet, let them do their stuff, answered their questions, didn't get into any apologies or tears, and they let me go with no action against me. Very lucky.

They said 'We get called out to nasty accidents at that junction you know... now have a Happy Christmas'. If they'd given me a sixty quid penalty and three points they would have been well within their rights.
breaking bad

Henry V

I didn't write much about Henry V last week because I was feeling a bit shit at the time. Here is a quick belated review.

I'd say the presentation was deliberately uncomfortable. The King is shown to be charismatic, and a man struggling to do right(ish), but also the focus of a brutal machinery of force. England seems to be a sparse, hard society, but full of vitality. I am reminded of how the population was low, and there was barely enough to eat for most people.

I thought both the history plays I've seen from this run were examinations of masculinity, as it was in those days where men were in charge of everything even more than they are now, and were expected each one to fight at every juncture. It was explicit that art and religion and morality were tools manipulated to serve the only ground of society - the violence of the warrior caste. The dichotomy of England as male and France as female was emphasised, and the invasion shown as a violation, barely channelled by the King into legitimate bounds - whatever legitimate might be. Within that society, incidentally, I thought the women were portrayed as strong and interesting people in their own right, not as useless drips.
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