December 13th, 2007

breaking bad

The delights of mince

Last night I came home 'What's for dinner, mum?'. I looked in my store. One egg, one onion, a packet of mince, the end of a bottle of wine opened a few days ago. 'er... savoury mince with .. er yorkshire puddings' 'Brilliant those are my favourite foods, apart from chocolate ice-cream.'

Some people are easy to please, thank god.

Went for an interview yesterday, I thought I did quite well (but then I always do don't I?). The things they were asking about were well within my compass. Not sure they want a person as techie as me (and you know how very far from 'techie' I am). In any case they won't make a decision until mid-January, by which time I suspect they will have forgotten me as a candidate. Ah well, press on. Excelsior.

PS just off to an all-day staff meeting with no computer access :-(
breaking bad

Henry V

A bit of a long shot. There's a small group of us going to see Henry V tonight at Stratford. One person has had to drop out, for good reason, at the last moment. I didn't manage to find a substitute at the staff meeting.

So if anyone out there can make it to the courtyard theatre before 7.30, (or Coventry station / my house by 6.30) I'll give you the ticket for nothing. Seems a shame to waste.