November 21st, 2007

breaking bad

Over-controlling parent

Actually those cartoons yesterday were quite wrong - I have always been quite careful about what my children watch, specially violence. For example, I missed most of 'Rome' because they are too big for me to stop them watching a show if I'm watching it, and I didn't want them to be exposed to sexual violence and torture. I say 'them' but I suppose it's just my daughter now, as my son is an adult, he can watch what he likes. Come to think of it, she more or less does too nowadays, but when they were little I was quite vigilant.

Some things have stretched my liberal parenting TV-tolerance lately: Charlie Brooker's TV review of Billie Piper in Diary of a Call Girl. Now I like Charlie Brooker, but did he have to brandish a teaspoonful of sperm, to indicate his response to the show? Noel Fielding as that doughnut-eyed murderer in The Mighty Boosh, peeing into Howard Moon's face, for bloody ages. I had to go out the room. Then when I came back, the same character was singing in a glam rock band, about giant eels invading someone's orifices. My daughter says 'It's not all like this mum, you just picked the wrong moment to come back into the room!'