October 29th, 2007

breaking bad

Spectrum quiz

I know online personality quizzes are the junk food of psychology, but mmm... luvly greasy and salty goodness badness. Thanks to my f-list here is an online 'neurodiversity' quiz. There are about 170 qs and it generates a nice coloured web-diagram.

The terminology used (such as 'aspie' and 'neurotypical') suggests asperger-friendly folks, or even activists. Hence I feel fairly OK about posting it, with the understanding that this is not anything reliable and asperger-spectrum-variance is a serious issue. Hope that's OK.
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breaking bad

Abigail's Party thirty years on

They re-ran 'Abigail's Party' on BBC4 last night, though I didn't watch to the end because I find it too painful. It's a stupendous piece of work which only grows in stature over time. It has famously been called 'The most painful hundred minutes in British comedy-drama.' You can see the influence of Abigail's Party in The Office and all its imitators.

Alison Steadman as Beverley is quite mesmerising in her raw animal force and sucking hollowness. And yet it is also the performance of a goddess.